Police: Be Aware of Paving Scam

WEST PITTSTON, Pa. -- Police in West Pittston are warning people to be on the lookout for pickup trucks with "Shane's Paving" written on the side.

On Facebook, police are saying the company is involved with a scam that involves targeting people with paved driveways as well as making false promises and hiking prices with no contract drawn up.

“I wouldn't trust them anyway, not in today's day in age. There's so many scammers out there it’s terrible you don't know who to trust,” Dorothy Lagrue of West Pittston said.

Dorothy Lagrue says her daughter was targeted by the company yesterday but says her family knows better than to trust a stranger with a 'good deal.’

“During the '72 flood and the 2011 flood, you had to watch everything. We were never taken advantage of. You pay attention to what's going on you know?” Lagrue said.

Right now, it is unclear if this paving company would be facing any charges when the police catch up with it. But investigators are asking you to contact them if you see this company's trucks in your neighborhood.

“I'm glad that someone’s out there looking for them and I will definitely keep an eye out if approached,” Shawn Drezek of West Pittston said.

Residents describe the workers for the company as 'shady' and are concerned that someone may be tricked by the company.

“I think that's morally reprehensible to have that being done to especially older folks and people who don't have much money to spend,” Drezek said.

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