Excitement, Worry On First Day Back in Scranton School District

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Students headed back to class Wednesday in the Scranton School District.

"Excited, going to see new friends, old friends at the school and stuff," said Luis Vazquez, a sixth grader.

Adam Williams snapped a pic of his son on his first day of high school.

"Little worried, big school. He's going to have to try to make friends, I just worry about him," he said.

There is worry for other reasons, too. Administrators are grappling with how to save the district from crippling debt. Some elementary schools may close, taxes could go up. The superintendent suddenly left recently, and there is a cloud of corruption with ongoing investigations in the district.

"I worry about them getting the right teacher that fits them and I worry about if they have to go to a different school, changing atmospheres, you know, that concerns me," said parent Sheena DeRosa of Scranton.

Parents said they want the best possible education for their kids. They are concerned about the future.

"The stability of the kids and where they're going to go like he's been with these kids since kindergarten and if they're going to throw them all over into a different building, it's all new kids, all new teachers, different teachers, different systems, the stability of the kids really," said parents Jessica Simpson.

District leaders agree: this is a tough time and there are still many tough choices to make. But they have promised to be clear about what's happening in the months and years to come.

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