Wilkes-Barre Area School District Adds Bullet Resistant Glass to School Plans

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- With school shootings happening more and more frequently, one district in our area is adding another measure of security to its new school still under construction in Plains Township.

"We as taxpayers, parents, school districts, school boards, have a very huge responsibility to protect our kids and it is unfortunate, but it is necessary, and we will do what we have to do to make them safe," said Shawn Walker, Vice President of the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board.

A vote at Wilkes-Barre Area's school board meeting approved the measure to add bullet-resistant glass along the building's perimeter. Walker says the nearly $450,000 upgrade, comes from money already borrowed for the project and is a needed addition.

"Unfortunately this - school shootings, and active shootings, shooters - are something we have to contend with and deal with, and this is a measure we can take to try to make those kids as safe as possible," said Walker.

While some we spoke with say the addition of bulletproof glass to a school isn't surprising in this day and age, others didn't think it was such a great idea.

"If there's an active shooter that's already in the school I don't really see how bulletproof glass preventing from outside would really help in that situation," said Esther Anderson, of Plains Twp.

School officials add that new bullet-resistant glass will be included inside the building, around the school's entryway.

Janet Liparula has two grandchildren in the district and says that the addition of the bullet-resistant glass gives her peace of mind.

"My granddaughter is 16, and my youngest one is 12. And it's like, it's terrible when you have to worry about your children going to school," explained Liparula.

The board is continuing to develop it's safety plan as the construction of the new school continues and plans to put more safety measures in place at the school in Plains Township.


  • Bob Stevens

    Ban victim disarmament zones and allow teachers who already carry to carry. If you want to do a training course with the police for active shooters, fine. Bad guys tend to be cowards who want easy soft targets. They are far less likely to try something if they know they will be immediate engaged. defensive measures like backpack armor and bullet proof windows are band aids, either way people are still gonna push to restrict RIGHTS and these things will still happen.

    Of course once there’s a total ban on guns, most mass shooting will stop, cause there’s no need for false flags once your tyranny passes. Then the actual bad guys will just move on to another weapon if they don’t wanna by illegal guns. By then though all citizens will have their brain chips and be more docile than sheep.

  • yabbadabbadude

    I think the money would be spent more wisely putting a police substation in. They’re going to need one eventually anyway.

  • Granny4

    Pathetic that we have come this far. Maybe a stricter judicial system and the death penalty would stop some of these shootings!

  • Sean Christian Homes

    What a stupid idea….. STUPID…. and a waste of money… Outside glass doesn’t help anything and it actually prevents the police from targettin an active isnide… Whos idea is this… so dumb… Please explain 1 incident where outside glass made a difference…

    • lickerblisters

      Exactly. Remember at Columbine when the SWAT Team rescued the student from the shattered window while on top of their vehicle? If the glass was bulletproof this lifesaving scenario would have never been able to play out. The kids will now be like fish trapped in a bulletproof barrel.

  • lickerblisters

    What are we doing now, pork barrel school constructions? Follow the money trail from the window’s manufacturer to the politician’s pocket. I can see years of A.G. investigations after this puppy is built!

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