Man Charged With Criminal Homicide After Shooting Friend

GORDON, Pa. -- We know now the man charged in the death of his friend is a leader of an American Legion Post in Schuylkill County.

This all happened around 4:00 Monday morning on the 600 block of Hobart Street in Gordon.

Police have charged Michael Grady, 36, with criminal homicide after police say he shot his friend, 24-year-old Steven Molina, who went by Josh.

According to arrest papers, Molina and a group of friends were at Grady’s house for several hours Sunday night, into Monday, when Molina asked to see Grady’s shotgun.

While Grady was handing the gun over to Molina, it fired, striking Molina in the neck. Grady then attempted to stop the bleeding, but Molina died inside the home after CPR efforts were unsuccessful.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Molina’s mother on Monday and she tells us that it was a Sunday routine for Molina to go over to Grady’s house with friends to hang out and sing karaoke.

Grady is the vice commander of the American Legion post in Girardville. He told investigators that he drank about a dozen beers throughout the night prior to the shooting.

Grady remains behind bars without bail at the Schuylkill County Prison.


  • straubdavid9

    Alcohol and guns don’t mix, and this individual should have known better. Whether you are handing a gun or receiving a gun you should ALWAYS show the person receiving the gun that it is empty, and a person should NEVER take a gun until the owner shows you that it is empty. BUT – THE NUMBER ONE RULE IS THAT YOU NEVER POINT THE MUZZLE AT ANYTHING YOU DON’T INTEND TO KILL! NEVER EVER!!!!!

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