Benton Senior Center Providing ‘Stars for Our Troops’

BENTON, Pa. -- Some seniors in Benton are taking part in a patriotic project but need your help to continue.

The seniors are giving back to the men and women who serve our country.

The group at the Benton Senior Center was busy cutting up American flags. These are worn out, retired flags and the project is called "Stars for Our Troops."

"I said this would be great to do and I was just going to do it. And then I said why don't we do it here at the senior center? And that's how I brought it over here," said Lin Cline.

Cline started the project at the Benton Senior Center. Stars for our Troops takes 2-foot by 3-foot or 3-foot by 5-foot American flags that are worn and retired.

"The person that you're giving it to can reach in their pocket and feel this embroidered star even through the plastic bags we put them into," Cline said.

The stars are given to our nation's bravest heroes.

"Any veteran, any active military, and any first responder," said Cline.

"My husband was in the Navy. It's something that somebody that wasn't in the service can help the service people," Florence Tapsak said.

The seniors would like to continue this project but they're almost out of flags and in need of more.

Contact the Benton Senior Center at 570-925-6533 if you can help.

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