New Axe Throwing Facility Opens in Forty Fort

FORTY FORT, Pa. -- People were having an axe-cellent time testing their skills at the Hatchet Factory in Forty Fort at its grand opening.

“I'm thrilled this is here it gives you another opportunity to do something inside when the weather isn't great and it's just fun and it's unique,” Donna Caruso of Bear Creek Township said.

The axe facility is the first to open in Luzerne County, complete with 13 lanes. Each axe-throwing session is 90 minutes long and costs around $30 bucks. Co-owner Denise Ogurkis was thrilled to cut the ribbon and be open for business!

“From May until the end of July we put our blood, sweat and tears, heart and soul, into this. We built it all out and here we are! We're thrilled to be here,” Ogurkis said.

It's tougher than it looks, but after a few tries and guidance from employees, you’ll start to catch on. Workers encourage everyone to give it a shot!

“There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, we have done all of our safety and precautions, we have axe-perts so you can basically be trained by someone who has passed our axe-pert test,” Ogurkis said.

If you're brave enough to try axe throwing for yourself, you can come on down to the Hatchet Factory here in Forty Fort. It's open every day except Monday.

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  • caltie1

    I was driving through Forty Fort the other day and I thought to myself what this town needs to complete the downward spiral is a good axe throwing establishment. We are up to our necks in tattoo parlors and after hour clubs. What we needed for all these years in a nice friendly place to throw an axe. This will make our valley complete again. Geez

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