Derby Avenue Cottages Set to be Demolished

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A row of empty buildings will soon be demolished making way for a playground in Scranton.

Officials at the Howard Gardner School say these buildings will soon be demolished making way for a spot for kids to play.

Neighbors Teresa Lee and Blythe Brown have looked across the street at the former Friendship House on Derby Avenue for years and wondered when something would happen.

Friendship House moved its educational support facilities years ago.

The three buildings, worn down by time, have become an eyesore to the East Mountain community.

"A lot of the kids play there right now, and I know the younger kids don't vandalize, but I think they are going to enjoy what they are going to do."

"There are three buildings on our lower lot that were here when we purchased the property that have never been used, nor do we have any use for them," said Howard Garnder M. I. Charter School official Marie George.

Howard Gardner School owns the vacant property on Derby Avenue. George says the school board recently agreed to demolish the building.

"All the debris taken away, the land graded, and it will provide a better space for our students to be able to go down and use the area, which right now they are not able to."

People that have looked at the empty buildings for years are looking forward to the greener pastures.

"I think the demolition is awesome," said Teresa Lee. "What is coming behind it is even greater."

"I think that it is great," added Blythe Brown. "I have a 5-year-old and I think it is for the kids and has been vacant for a long time, so I think it will be a positive thing for the school."

School officials expect the demolition to start in September and be wrapped up in October.

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