Transitional House for Veterans Making Progress

PORT CARBON, Pa. -- Progress is being made on the transitional house on Second Street in Port Carbon, but this place will hold special meaning, because of who it will help.

"The wiring, the plumbing, the installation of flooring, and stuff like that. That's what's been done since you were last year," said Rev. Randolph Simmons, of We Agape You.

We Agape You, a nonprofit organization based in Schuylkill County, has a mission to eradicate veteran suicides by providing them with housing and employment. It has been working on fixing up this house that will soon serve as a transitional home for veterans and others in the community who may have fallen on hard times.

"People wake up every day and some of us veterans don't have anywhere to go. We turn to desperate measures and sometimes we make mistakes because of the things we've been through in the military. It means everything for us to lay our head down at night or even just to talk to somebody," said Anthony Martin.

Martin is an Army veteran from the Pottsville area who served in Korea. His best friend died in combat in Iraq. He's thankful that We Agape You has given him purpose by offering him opportunities to stay busy and work on refurbishing this house.

"This brings us the light. We come here every day and we can let out some of the energy that we have and meet other veterans and people in the community to show what veterans do once they get out," said Martin.

Another house was donated to We Agape You for just $1. It's directly next door to the other house and will serve as a transitional house for females. Work will begin there once the other one is completed.

"There's a total of 28 to 30 people who can be housed in both of these buildings," said Rev. Simmons.

The nonprofit will also be having a veterans day of service with food and drinks right here on Saturday, August 31.

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