Man Faces 84 Charges of Animal Abuse

JACKSON TOWNSHIP--16 animals were found covered in feces, and without food and water near Middleburg in the middle of a heat wave. Now the homeowner faces 84 animal cruelty charges.

These three calves are happy, healthy and resting comfortably at Ashburn's Animals near Selinsgrove. The non-profit animal rescue took them in, along with several others last month.

"The calves were thigh-deep in their own manure and they had diarrhea due to illness." Janel Ashburn said.

This is what the calves looked like about a month ago when state police took them from a barn near Middleburg. Eleven dogs and five calves did not have access to food and water during a heat wave. Troopers say the barn they were living in was more than 100 degrees inside. John Stahl of Middleburg was charged this week with 84 counts of animal abuse and neglect.

"It was one of the worst situations I have ever seen. I have been doing this for ten years at this point. It was horrendous," Ashburn said.

Janel Ashburn and her team are caring for the calves.

"I was coming up at 11, 1, then 5am, then I`d come back at nine and spend the whole day here just to make sure they had their bottles," Katie Brown said.

The calves had chemical burns from standing in their feces and urine for so long. Two of them died. One calf came to Ashburn's Animals after being confined to a metal trailer in more than 90 degree heat. The dogs are all currently in foster care through Haven to Home Rescue. One of the dogs had to have a leg amputated.

All of these animals have needed extensive vet care, so both Haven to Home and Ashburn`s Animals are in need of donations.

"We currently have over $1,700 in vet bills. We are spending approximately $400 a week," Ashburn said.

John Stahl is scheduled to appear in court early next month to face 84 counts of animal cruelty and neglect. If convicted, his animals will then go up for adoption.

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