Premature Push for Pumpkin?

MOOSIC, Pa. -- The calendar says it's summer, the weather says it's summer, but stores say it's pumpkin season.

Are people ready for fall, or are they still clinging to the final taste of summer?

Pumpkin spice is back at Dunkin'. Halloween candy is on supermarket shelves. Costume stores are open for business.

Some say this push for pumpkin is premature.

"It's too early!" said Joe Zaccone. "They do that with everything -- Halloween, Christmas, Easter, everything."

"They do kind of rush every season. I think Christmas stuff will be coming out in the stores," Jeff Sears said.

"We're not ready for fall yet. We're still getting ready for back to school," Stewart Powell said.

At Gerrity's Supermarket in Moosic, the seasonal tension is clear with one lone Fourth of July pinwheel surrounded by a sea of Halloween candy.

"I'm done with the hot weather, but I don't know about the pumpkin spice and the Halloween costumes yet. I kind of want to enjoy the changeover into the season," Michel Lipperini said.

Some say "too soon," but others say "not soon enough." The employees at the Dunkin' in Moosic tell Newswatch 16 people have been asking for pumpkin-flavored coffee for months.

"I love it, it's my favorite thing!" said Celeste Wood.

And over at Spirit Halloween in Dickson City, Margot and Marnie Azzarelli say it's never too soon to celebrate their favorite holiday.

"We're stocking up on our Halloween stuff, hocus pocus, witches, all gore. We just love Halloween," Margot Azzarelli said.

"I'm ready for Halloween by maybe, July 30. I'm just ready to go," Marnie Azzarelli added.

We haven't even said Happy Labor Day yet, and some are already saying Happy Halloween!


  • Chris Thorne

    Definitely too early. These stores, their people that decide when stuff gets put out, are crazy. I don’t want to be buying Christmas stuff in September. Nir do I want to Have to buy Halloween stuff in August. It’s ridiculous.

    • Cole Kitchen

      It is ridiculous, but it’s also business. Since stores make most of their money during the holidays, they try extending that success earlier into the year in an effort to cash in for a longer period of time. Also, they wouldn’t put Halloween stuff out before Labor Day if people weren’t buying it. It gets earlier and earlier each year, because people are pulling it off the shelves!

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