Super 16 Team #8: Wyoming Area

There's some new meat on the bone for Wyoming Area to chew on this season. Scranton Prep, Tunkhannock and Dunmore replace Coughlin, GAR and Meyers on the schedule. What isn't replaceable is quarterback Dominic Deluca.

He returns with his 27 combined touchdowns from a year ago. #9 is always around the football. If we can stay healthy five of those players have been four year starters. Several of them are very high level recruit-able athletes at the collegiate level. So we are very excited about our potential this year," said Randy Spencer.

"I'm really excited for the season because we should have a breakout year and dominate! Yes! (11-1) it didn't end how we liked, but hopefully we will come back this year stronger and better," said Dominic.

116 points and 1,100 yards is what running back Corey Mruk finished with. What he didn't finish is that District II AAA title after a stunning defeat from Lakeland in last year's semifinals.

"I mean it feels great! You work hard and you make all conference or whatever and your coaches tell you to come here and talk to whoever and it's just a good feeling. I've known Dominic since we we're in elementary school. We used to play against each other so I mean growing up and going through 7th and 8th grade together the chemistry is there along with everyone else," said Corey.

Sam Solomon anchors a solid line looking to establish itself as the unit in the Wyoming Valley Conference. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports reporting from Plymouth.

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