Cleanup in Scranton after Storms Rip City

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The sounds of wood chippers and chain saws echoed through parts of Scranton on Monday morning. Employees from the Department of Public Works were busy cleaning up streets and sidewalks and getting rid of tree limbs and branches brought down in weekend thunderstorms.

A stop on Cottage Street followed by one on Dickson Avenue. Some big trees were brought down by high wind and heavy rain.

Johnny Howells was there when the storm hit.

"All of a sudden, it got real dark and it started getting windy and all the trees start circling around and carrying on," Howells recalled.

Some people on Dickson Avenue started cutting them up on their own. The city finished the job.

Duane Young is another Dickson Avenue resident. There was nothing he could do as the storm whipped through his neighborhood.

"That tree, back and forth and it just spun it and snapped it up and threw it right at the house," he said.

The weekend storms also brought down limbs on Dean Street, trapping a motorcycle beneath.

"Just shock, and hoped there was no damage to my son-in-law's motorcycle that's there," Tracey Locker said.

That son-in-law will have to wait to see if there is any damage. He's on vacation in Maryland.

There really wasn't any rhyme or reason to the storms. Some neighborhoods were untouched. Places like a park in the Green Ridge section of Scranton were hit pretty hard. It's clear the weekend storms changed the look of parts of the city. Young trees or old, big or small, it's all turned into mulch and spit out into the back of a truck.

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