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Back-to-School Fair for Scranton Students

SCRANTON, Pa. -- There's still one more week of summer break for students in the Scranton School District, but to help calm some nerves and prepare families for a new year, elementary students at McNichols Plaza were invited to a fair.

"Just so that our kids know that their teachers, their principal, the community is here and cares about them and their families, and it's really great just to kick off the new school year," said McNichols Plaza Elementary Principal Mina Ardestani.

Azek Building Products donated 300 backpacks to the school district. More than 100 donated backpacks filled with school supplies were given out here, and there were other giveaways and resources offered for both students and their parents to help them ease into the new year.

"I think this is amazing," Tiffany Seig said. "I think they should have it for not just elementary but for all the kids. It's hard getting them ready and back on their feet to go back to school."

"A lot of people can't afford the stuff they're giving away, so it's nice. Fresh start for the kids for the new year," Cynthia Delawrence said.

School officials say they've found that some students have never even had a haircut, so stylists from two hair salons in Scranton were here to change that.

"There's nothing like having a fresh back-to-school haircut for the start of the school year, just getting a new look, it just rejuvenates you."

And while some of the youngest students are confident and ready for a new year, others aren't quite ready for the summer to be over yet.

"Because I'm a little bit nervous."

The first day back for students is next Wednesday, August 28.

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