Man Accused of Assault after Brass Knuckles Break-In

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man from Lake Ariel is facing assault charges after he allegedly broke into a home in Monroe County and assaulted two women.

Police say Joseph Gershonowitz, 29, forced his way into a home in Middle Smithfield Township using brass knuckles.

Once he got inside, officers say Gershonowitz assaulted the victims while holding a baby.

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  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Ah Ha , The old one sided child enforcement ploy . I went through that where the kids were “her” property , Turned out as good as that now widow whose husband wasn’t left enough to live on while the wife (and boyfriend) pushed it till he’s dead, now and we get to pay her SSI for the kids .
    The Story smells of fraud (C&Y involvement ?)

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