Governor Signs Order on Gun Violence

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order to make changes he says will better target the public health crisis of gun violence in Pennsylvania.

Gov. Wolf and several other gun control advocates and legislators are calling for background checks for guns and a ban on military-style assault weapons.

The governor’s actions come after six police officers were shot and others held hostage for hours after attempting to serve a drug warrant earlier this week in Philadelphia.

“Too many have lost loved ones to gun violence. Too many live in fear of being shot on the sidewalk, in their neighborhood, in the grocery store, at school or at a concert,” Gov. Wolf said.

The executive order named Charles Ramsey as a senior advisor to coordinate and facilitate gun violence reduction. Ramsey is chair of the Pennsylvania Commission of Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).

The executive order also creates the Division of Violence Prevention within the Department of Health. The governor says the two new offices will work together to tackle gun violence from both the gun safety and public health perspectives. Together, they will establish new oversight and data sharing, reduce community gun violence, combat mass shootings, and halt domestic violence-related and self-inflicted shootings.


  • Mark Varab

    what exactly is a ‘military style assault weapon’? it is NOT an ar-15 that has never nor will ever be a combat weapon. i, as a vet, would never carry one into ANY combat, other than my home

  • truthbetold37

    How about keeping dangerous felons like Maurice Hill in a penitentiary and not letting him parole. The Pa DOC and it’s leaders like John Wetzel are a joke. Listen to that blubbering, stuttering idiot at least once and you’ll understand why. He should’ve NEVER been let out. I can put a gun on a table and it won’t hurt anyone but when a POS like this animal gets a hold of it then it’s dangerous. Let’s FOCUS on keeping dangerous cons like this scumbag locked up.

  • Raymond Sedorchuk

    Wolf is anti-firearm. its a conspiracy and plan to brain wash today’s youth until they are totally dependent on government. Firearms are a threat to the government not our nation and America. The true hard working, honest, love for god and country men and women of America are slowly growing old and only to be replaced by a sad excuse for our future… People like Wolf are part of the problem not a solution.

  • Red fence garage (@Redfence69)

    Here’s the problem with this:
    1. there are already background checks (NICS)
    2. there is no such thing as assault weapons being sold to the public a AR 15 is basically a .22calber rifle you don’t see soldiers carrying AR 15’s.
    3. this will not stop the criminals.
    4. They are not trying to fix the real problems.
    A lot of this leads back to fatherless homes, lack of discipline and mental health issues.

  • Ron Arnold

    how dare these people do illegal crimes with illegal guns ! there is a law against that ! lets write more laws that do nothing to help the problem

  • Rex Park

    I still can’t believe all the idiots in the commonwealth that were so eager to put somebody in charge that moved HIS OWN COMPANY to another state to avoid Pennsylvania taxes. Hey, you wanted to be screwed, and it looks like you’re about to get your wish.

  • Peter Andrew

    Wolf is just another Liberal. He didn’t read or understand the Constitution. We don’t want his help either. We don’t want his so called protection either. He doesn’t have enough money to support the State Troopers never mind protect us.

  • RackAttack🎱❌ (@attack_rack)

    Will Pennsylvanians ever wake up and stop voting for nepotism & job-promising liberal candidates? I can’t wait for the day that finally righteousness will prevail and tyrants such as this will be due-processed right into Gitmo! PA: Stop voting Democrat/Left/Liberal!! They are destroying this country!

  • Tony Torquato

    Reducing violence is a great idea but even taking a swipe at the 2nd Amendment by restricting certain weapons will never survive a SCOTUS challenge.

  • nowiseenitall

    Just another feel good publicity scare tactics act on his part. He could put 1 million BS gun laws on the books and it’s not going to make a difference to a criminal! There are laws against heroin and other drugs ,and the country is in a opioid epidemic . Alot of good that’s doing.

    I agree there is way to much violent crime in America however taking guns away from good law abiding tax paying American citizens are only going to create more victims. With over 300 million law abiding gun owners and trillions of rounds of ammunition out there, clearly we are not the problem.

    • Denpachii

      These laws DO make a difference, the criminal mind sees this as a law that makes their job, crime of all sorts, easier. Every law that takes away a persons means of defense is GOOD for crime.

  • lilloric

    Maybe instead of more gun laws our governor should target the bigger issue and make laws that prevent assault and murder – oh wait we already have those laws and they haven’t stopped anything……more laws stop nothing because criminals don’t obey the laws

    • Allan King

      All the anti gun groups donate to Wolf , now we know why the Pa Game Commission reversed its claims on hunting deer with a semi auto rifle

  • Jack Irvin

    Scumbag liberal governor continues to blame guns for the actions of wacko liberal criminals, democrats truly are out to take away our right to protect ourselves and our families from them

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