Man Charged With Impersonating Federal Agent

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — A man is charged with impersonating a federal agent in Northumberland County.

According to court papers, Michael Robinson recently showed up to a Shamokin city council meeting claiming he worked for the US attorney general’s office.

He called several people in the room “criminals” and threatened to throw them in jail.

Those people were not jailed, but Robinson is behind bars.


  • Giggity-MF-goo

    He thought he could be mayor too, even had a big booze party for it. I think he offered it to the local youth too, what a great guy! idiot….

    • whodathought6789

      Dude had a 20 foot Trump billboard plastered on the front of his house.

      Tells people he has the endorsement of Trump for the mayor of Shamokin and for court commissioner.


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