Town Hall Hosted Ahead of Scranton Schools Recovery Plan Vote

SCRANTON, Pa. -- As the state continues to investigate corruption in the Scranton School District, the board will soon vote on how to get out of its multi-million dollar hole.

Wednesday night, people got a chance to ask questions about the district's recovery plan. It's all to deal with years of financial problems.

Dr. Candis Finan is the state-appointed chief recovery officer.

She answered questions Wednesday night and is scheduled to do the same at a second and final town hall-style meeting Thursday morning at 10.

The district's recovery plan calls for raising school taxes, freezing salaries, rebidding contracts, and closing some elementary schools.

Dr. Finan also told Newswatch 16 that the attorney general's office continues to investigate corruption in the Scranton School District.

Investigators were taking boxes out of the administration building even on Wednesday.

Thursday's town hall meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon inside the Scranton High School auditorium.

Then, the board is expected to vote on the recovery plan.


  • Jim hacky (@HackyJim)

    They should really look at the commuter tax again for all the people that abandoned Scranton yet had there kids educated there it’s only fair if they work in that city they should have to pay for working in the city using the cities services etc.

  • Chris Thorne

    Screw raising our already too high taxes. Start charging parents per kid actually in school. Drop the taxes for those of without children, and of parents that don’t have school age kids.

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