Super 16 Team #14: Lackawanna Trail

Our Super 16 Team #14 is Lackawanna Trail, 14-2 last season and Class 'A' runner-up.

"Last season was very exciting because, no one, not many people can say they went to a state championship game," said Lions senior lineman Mark Dunckle.

"And getting into workouts, it just motivated me this year because you don't want to go downhill, you want to keep winning." Mark summed up.

"Obviously, last season was a great season, but hey, today it's a new day and new season, you've got to get right back at it." remarked senior QB/DB, Nico Berrios.

"Obviously, some new guys, we lost a lot of seniors, but senior leadership is definitely a big key here, and we got to get these sophomores up to date. I think we are going to have a real good year this year," concluded Nico.

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