Seniors Ready to Celebrate Little League in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- One of the floats in the 15th annual Grand Slam Parade celebrating Little League Baseball will include women from the Presbyterian Home at Williamsport.

The Presbyterian Home at Williamsport is bringing the Little league festivities into the place they call home. Most of the residents grew up in Williamsport and anticipate the start of the tournament each year.

"It was always a part of our lives and I know we always looked forward to it, and it's wonderful that it is still going on," Mary Guthrie said.

"Here it livens everybody. We look forward to it. We are anxiously waiting to see the parade, and we will all quickly gulp down our hot dogs here," Marjorie Mays said.

With the tournament almost here, folks are excited that ballpark food will once again be on the menu in the cafeteria.

But that wasn't the only thing on their minds. They have been patiently waiting for the annual Grand Slam Parade.

Most of the ladies at the Presbyterian Home at Williamsport will be involved in the Grand Slam Parade, but Jeanne Shuman, age 99, will be the only resident on the float while the rest of the ladies follow behind in a bus.

"Our float is very nice and with all the girls here, it's always a good day," Shuman said.

"We want Jeanne to be perfectly fine and we think she's the best looking 99 year old we ever saw, and so she will be our star," said Mays.

Last year, their float won "Best in Show" for their division and they hope 99-year-old Jeanne Shuman can win the hearts of the judges this year.

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