Lackawanna League Soccer on their Beautiful Game

Players and Coaches from the Lackawanna Soccer League explained how the sport is called the "Beautiful Game."

"You can really express yourself on the field and you make a ton of friends. I know all these guys we used to play club together." said Scranton Prep senior Chris Curry. "And it's amazing to play against them one last time before the next journey of our life."

"The best way we can develop is really on a soccer standpoint. I think, with teams we match up well physically on a state level. Yes, we have the athletes, but getting teams to play well as a unit and getting a full system is getting a beautiful game." chirped Abington Heights Coach Frank Dyska. "I think that's how we can take it to teams at a state level."

"The soccer game just really just puts together so much in terms of just a physical aspect to the game, a finesse aspect to the game. There's speed to the game, but then again there's patience to the game." North Pocono Coach Graig Arcurie chimed. "There's just so much that encompasses the game of soccer that when you see it played the right way it really is the beautiful game."

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