Super 16 Team #16: Old Forge Blue Devils

Old Forge is out #16 team in the Super 16 Pre-Season poll.  Blue Devils Head Coach Mike Schuback talked about his community's character.

"It's a hard working community as everybody knows." Coach Mike Schuback began. "Like I said before there's a lot of family owned businesses. So when your in that atmosphere you want to work, six days a week, sometimes seven." Coach resumed. ..."so you take the little things and you appreciate them and our kids the ability to play,I have a great staff. They really care about our players, they care about the progress of our players. I've been there so long now, I was kidding around with the coaches. I've seen weddings, we've seen kids born from what we coached and that's a credit to us and to them and to their hard work." Mike concluded "but, the family structure it all starts at home and people can say what they want, but for our little town there's a lot of really, strong, strong family ties down there. All in all i couldn't be happier, to be where I'm at."

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