Students Teaching Students at STEM Camp in Carbondale

CARBONDALE -- In a corner classroom at the Carbondale Public Library on Main Street weeks before students are supposed to be in class, a group is learning the Greek alphabet.

They'll learn a little Latin, too. All from a teacher who is really more like one of their peers.

Kyla Weckel of Carbondale will be a senior at Scranton Prep in the fall. Before she heads back to school, she's hosting a week-long learning experience for younger students.

"Everything that they're learning here today is stuff that they haven't heard of yet. It's ancient Greek or it's engineering principles. It's something that nobody's excelling at, so nobody feels badly that they don't know, so really just a way for them to get excited about learning," Weckel said.

The students start with STEM in the morning, and the afternoon is all about language and culture. The curriculum was cooked up over the summer months by Weckel and some of her high school classmates.

The younger kids say it's cool learning from teenagers.

"It's better than being taught by a teacher," said 8-year-old Natalie Rude.

"She's much nicer than the teachers!" joked 8-year-old Anthony Rebernik.

The adults at the library said they don't mind. They're just happy Weckel took the initiative and that her camp has kids learning all types of new things.

"We're creeping the learning in. We're sneaking that in. We're having a blast, and they're learning new concepts from wonderful, wonderful students," said library employee Stephanie Spaid.

STEM & Language camp continues all this week and is free to students in the Carbondale area.

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