Man Allegedly Caught Sexually Assaulting One Year Old

NESQUEHONING, Pa. — A man in Carbon County allegedly caught another man sexually assaulting a child, and now both men are facing charges.

According to police, William Morales said he caught Mark Mead molesting the 1-year-old child in a home in Nesquehoning. Morales then pistol-whipped Mead and held him for two hours until police were called.

Police charged Mead with statutory sexual assault and charged Morales with aggravated assault.


  • bat rastard

    All Morales has to do (if this goes any further) is to ask for a jury trial on the charges. He won’t be convicted.

  • Dee Clemons

    Ridiculous…give William Morales DROPPED CHARGES, or don’t, we’ll make you. How stupid to charge him!

  • Rusty Knyffe

    One man was caught……in the act, apparently……..of sexually assaulting a 1 year old child. The man that caught him and righteously beat him is being charged? LMAO!!!!! The b^stard that committed the true crime is going to get so much “help” in the way of counseling, medication, and protection from other jailbirds. The System needs a complete overhaul.

  • donald fox

    The sad thing is he attacks the sicko and gets charges. If he walked away and called police he would get charges for not helping the baby. You are damned if ya do and you are damned if ya dont.

    • donald fox

      Uh oh I must have offended 4 people who are either family of the pervert or they are kiddy diddler sympathizers. Either way thank you for your moronic thumbs down. Lol

  • mickmars

    The only mistake I can see that Morales made was using the wrong end of that gun. Should’ve emptied it into that sack of turds.

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Over zealous cops with charges ? One is that if medical needed called for the child , not two hours later , so maybe an issue there , but beating and probably thinking of killing of a sick pedaphile makes sense and he would deserve a medal of honor if Tiger Woods got one( for being immoral and a druggie ).

  • Barnaby Jones

    why is William Morales being charged for saving a child??? i would of done the same thing the police force should be ashamed of themselves!! ill gladly pay his bail

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