Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton Set to Close for Paving Work

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A bridge in Scranton is set to close this week for paving work.

The Harrison Avenue Bridge will be closed Monday night, August 12, and Tuesday night, August 13, from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. so crews can pave.

A detour will be in place.

Officials say ambulances going to the hospital will be allowed to cross the bridge.

The work is scheduled to be finished Wednesday morning.


  • doitright1

    FYI WNEP>>>>>>>>>>

    Act of Oct. 30, 2015, P.L. 219, No. 56 Cl. 87
    An Act
    Designating the bridge carrying State Route 6011 (Harrison Avenue) over Roaring Brook in the City of Scranton, Lackawanna County, as the Colonel Frank Duffy Memorial Bridge.

    Please use the proper name moving forward……………….

  • doitright1

    16observer = Not very observant. Crews are paving APPROCHES to the bridge. Not the actual bridge itself. Same goes for BRIAN!! Thumbs down to both of you, Come on people……..PSH!

    • 16observer

      Thanks for pointing that out. That’s why I initially said it was very poor reporting. WNEP should have stated that fact.

      • doitright1

        In fact I can understand your confusion, as they did show the new part of the bridge and not the “APPROCHES”…..

    • Brian Coates

      Apparently you didn’t read the same article I did. WNEP clearly states in the above article, ” the Harrison Avenue bridge will close, so crews can pave”. Implied in how the statement is worded, is that they are paving the bridge, not the approaches. If that is actually the case, then the statement should have been, “the Harrison Avenue bridge will close, so crews can pave the approaches”.

  • 16observer

    Paving? On a new bridge completed less than a year ago after spending millions over several years? Very poor reporting.

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