Neighbors Get Together to Repave Their Crumbling Road

NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Homeowners in one community in Schuylkill County became so fed up with the condition of their road that they decided to fix it themselves this weekend.

Neighbors who live along Dana Street in North Manheim Township near Pottsville say the road was filled with potholes, some 15 to 18 inches deep.

People we spoke with say the township told them the road is private and therefore does not need to be maintained by the township.

Neighbors got together and swept the road, built it back up with fill, and rented a rolling machine to fix the street themselves.

"Fortunately, we have great neighbors, and we all got together to put our muscle and energy into taking care of it, protecting our investment," Meredith Hannan said. "This is such a relief, definitely going to park in my driveway tonight."

Neighbors say they've already spent about $500 and expect a full paving estimate of a few thousand on top of that.


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