Water Gushes from Main Break, Buckles Road in Luzerne County

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Early Friday morning, water gushed down Saint Marys Road in Hanover Township, pooling on the side of the nearby San Souci Parkway, after a 10-inch water main break.

Water, fire and PennDOT crews responded to deal with the mess and close the road.

The roadway caved in and buckled in several places.

"It's gonna be a major distraction or an inconvenience for sure. This is a major road. I use it every day and a lot of other people do too," said Dave Korba of Hanover Township, who walked to the road to check out the mess.

The main must be repaired and then the roadway too.

Joe Petrix lives alongside the water main break and said he suspects heavy truck travel on the roadway may have played a role in all this.

"Too much weight on this road, that's what I think it is. It's sad because look how far over it's going, now what is it? Underneath our houses now? The road was just done, about maybe six years ago, seven years ago. Look at it. Taxpayer money going to good use."

Repairs were completed on the 10-inch main Friday afternoon, according to Pennsylvania American Water. Road restoration will take place Saturday. The road will remain closed until Monday morning.

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