Railroad Construction Delay Cause for Concern

DENNISON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Residents in one part of Luzerne County tell us they have serious safety concerns because of a railroad construction project is taking longer than they were told it would.

People in Bear Creek Township say the delay in the project is cutting them off from emergency responders.

On Middleburg Road in Dennison Township, near White Haven, you'll find "road closed" signs and an unfinished roadway leading up to the railroad tracks.

People who use this road every day are frustrated because they tell us this site has been empty for days.

"It's getting a little serious as far as the residents are concerned because we were promised a week and now we're pushing into our third week, and as you can see, there's nobody working. There's not a thing going on, but the trains still come through," said Paul Castiglione.

People who live here say the detour is close to 20 miles to get around the closure, which hurts commuters and local business.

"I have the locals that come every night. It's only three, four miles. But now to run all the way around every night, you know, I don't blame them that they don't want to come," business owner Clarence Fisher.

A member or borough council near this construction site tells Newswatch 16 she was told it would be completed on August 14. People who live nearby say they'll believe it when they see it.

"It just seems like they're going to do what they're going to do no matter who you complain to and nothing's being done," Fisher said.

Community members say what is most concerning is that this closure cuts them off from nearby emergency responders.

"We have a lot of elderly people here, they do need the help. You may not realize how many people live along this road but there's over 1,000 people," Mike Kostyk said.

"To wait over, say half an hour when you need an ambulance is pretty unacceptable. And the fire trucks will only get there to water down the ashes of what once was your house," said Castiglione.

Residents tell us they've been given a few different excuses for the delays

Newswatch 16 reached out to the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad to find out what is causing them. We are still waiting to hear back.


  • Giggity-MF-goo

    The RR is union and the firm they may have are both Union. And you dont rush the union as they are not in a hurry and will never be. They are getting paid weather they work or not, and they dont live in your town to this does not impact them. That sounds like it… Good luck folks!!

    • whopperplopper

      it’s not ” weather”, it’s whether.
      and because you are a jealous union hater, you blame unions which have nothing to say on how long a job takes.

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