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Burger King Rolls Out the ‘Impossible Whopper’ Nationwide

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Burger King rolled out the "Impossible Whopper" on Thursday to all of America.

The Impossible Whopper is made out of 100 percent plants and 0 percent meat and it's attracting a lot of curiosity.

Burger King says this vegetarian option is made from soy, potato protein, coconut oil, and sunflower oil but can all of that really taste like a beef patty?

For Ronald Grube of Wilkes-Barre, the answer is yes.

"Wow! Tastes good! Tastes just like a hamburger. My son is a vegetarian, so I think I'm going to get one of these for him," said Grube.

But for Alaina Swanson of Kingston, it's not a direct hit.

"I mean, it's not exactly a burger, but if it's as close as you're going to get. I don't feel quite as guilty eating it," said Swanson.

For those of you who still want the original Whopper, the beef option is still there, which was a relief to some people who wouldn't even try the Impossible Whopper.

"It's disgusting. That's just me. I don't like burgers that much anyway but when they are made out of plants, it's just weird. No offense to the vegetarians, but I think it's gross," said Sabrina VanBuren of Pittston.

The Impossible Burger was released to all 7,000 Burger Kings across the country after a successful test run that began in April.

Some people we spoke to say even though it doesn't taste exactly like beef, they'll be making the switch to the Impossible Burger.

"I can't really eat fast food a whole lot, there's not a lot of options for me to grab food on the go, so this is a nice like, if I'm stuck in a pinch I won't feel as bad eating this and it is pretty good," said Swanson.

"I might eat this instead of eating a hamburger because the hamburger is not that healthy. I'll try one of these," said Grube.

Burger King is selling its Impossible Whopper for $5.59, that's $1 more than the regular Whopper.


  • Jeff Woehrle

    Vegetarians and vegans routinely have serious health issues after subjecting their bodies to it for years. Humans are omnivores, and no amount of hurt feelings will ever change that.

    • yabbadabbadude

      I think it’s much more than “hurt feelings”,Jeff. Considering what Ocasio-Cortez said regarding that via her Green New Deal, I think this is the start of the elites’ push to deny us common people eating meat under the guise of ‘climate change’ while they and their children still eat it and remain healthy. I think it’s a valid concern.

  • Mark Covert

    Paying an extra dollar for a much healthier and more environmentally friendly burger? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    I rarely eat fast food, but every now and then it’s unavoidable. It’s nice to know that there is a healthy option if I’m in a rush and need to get some food quickly.

  • Mark Thepoll

    I give it not much more than a year. Novelty for now, but that is it. Price and lack of demand will make it go away.

    • Dee Renee

      Isn’t is nice then that you can still buy your meat burger? Being vegetarian,I’m happy for the option to be able to grab a fast food meal again once in a while.

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