Theater’s Return Proposed in Pittston

PITTSTON, Pa. -- City leaders in Pittston are in the process of working on a funding plan for a new theater.

The mayor of Pittston said Wednesday that years ago, the city had a theater that has long since been demolished. Now, there are plans in place to bring it back, but it involves making some changes on Main Street.

Pittston's Main Street is full of art, food, and specialty shops that many say are part of the city's recent rejuvenation, but city leaders think something is missing.

"If you look back at historically the city of Pittston and you talk to people here, one of the things they'll tell you is a deep regret that a long time ago the American Theater was demolished, and it's always been something that's in the back and front of my mind as a commitment that we want to bring a theater back," said Mayor Michael Lombardo.

The hope is to relocate the ambulance association on Main Street and replace it with the New American Theater. The location would have a screen for films and a stage for performances.

Pittston leaders hope to move the ambulance association next to the fire station on Kennedy Street.

"We've talked to them informally and you know, we'd love to acquire that site at some point, but that would really be driven by their pace," said Mayor Lombardo.

Business owners and people who live and work in Pittston tell Newswatch 16 the idea of a theater on Main Street is exciting.

"People will be able to come here as opposed to go someplace else to see a movie. Also, too, there's going to be other entertainment there as well, so I think it's going to be a great addition to Pittston," John Zezza said.

"A movie theater here would do wonders for my business, you know especially so close. Have pizza before you go over and watch your movie," said James Altieri, owner of Vince's Pizza.

Altieri says these plans bring back fond memories he has of the city of Pittston.

"It's grown. It's getting back to what it used to be when I was a little kid."

While Mayor Lombardo says the city is committed to this project, they are in the early stages of getting funding to bring that theater back to Pittston.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    So……….is there some kinda connection between Pittston and WNEP? I mean, there are 7 headlines specifically about Pittston. Hmmmmm….

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