‘Don’t close this one!’ – Local Shoppers Hope Their Walgreens Store Remains Open

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Walgreens announced it is closing 200 U.S. stores.

There are nearly 9,600 across the nation.

In Pennsylvania, the drug store chain has locations from Stroudsburg to Kingston, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Dallas, and Pittston.

"I'm a little shocked. I didn't know it was actually happening so," said Mary Therese Ciaccia of Lehman Township.

"I think it's really odd that we don't know like anything about it. It's definitely like a surprise to me. I wouldn't have seen that coming. Both my best friends work at Walgreens so that's really not ... it really sucks," said Grace Ciaccia of Lehman Township.

Walgreens officials will not release the list of the locations that are closing, leading many to wonder if the one nearest to them will be shutting its doors.

"Don't close this one! It's a shame that when you go, like she's been going there, I don't want to say her age, but she's been going there a long time," said Leon Goss of Edwardsville.

Officials with Walgreens say they are restructuring and updating things to be more efficient and profitable.

There's no word exactly when the 200 stores will close.


  • savescrantonhistory

    I think I’ve been in a Walgreen’s a half dozen times since they opened around this area. They’re like a more expensive Rite-Aid.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Follow the money. Big corporations like this cannot self-sustain when the execs all take enormous bonuses while the actual pharmacy staff earn barely enough to pay off their student loans, let alone make a decent living for themselves. It’s NOT a business that is loyal to its employees – ask anyone who works at one.

  • Jim hacky (@HackyJim)

    Maybe they should’ve kept excepting Geisinger health insurance they probably lost a lot of business using that game plan and one message to the stock holders tell the head CEO YOUR FIRED before you hand over that big bonus again !

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