Talkback 16: Mass Shootings and Gun Control

Mass shootings and the issue of gun control are once again the focus of this edition of Talkback 16.


  • Blazewing (@Blazewing2)

    So the state wants tougher background check to slow the “Mass shootings?” What is that going to do? all three of the recent mass shootings where by people Who LEGALLY purchased the guns used and went through the background checks, yet they still shot all those people. Why not loosen gun controls and let the people defend themselves, its a heck of a lot harder to successfully pull off a mass shooting if the shooter is being shot at by mothers and fathers trying to protect their own families.

    • Bob Stevens

      Exactly, gun laws only burden good people and allow the government to gain more control over its citizens… the only way to stop these shootings defensively is for good people to be armed and ready. The proactive side is much harder, talking mental health and societal decay, but no one seems to want to do that hard work, they just want to pass more control measure that burden and disarm good people.
      Personally I changed my daily carry from a .40 (slower but good impact) with 13,13 (or 22,13) to 5.7×28 (high vel, hard hitting, and armor piercing) with 20,20,20 since some of these mass shooters have been wearing body armor.

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