Police Prepare as Little League World Series Nears

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- In just over a week, Williamsport's population will increase significantly as the Little League World Series comes to the area.

Officials addressed extra precautions that will be taken during the series because of the increase in violence.

Even though the Little League World Series is played in South Williamsport, thousands of people stay in hotels, shop, and eat at restaurants across the river in Williamsport. With five shootings in less than three weeks, officials say they are increasing patrols for Little League.

"The extra patrols will be in addition to that, so we feel pretty comfortable that we have enough police presence that people should feel safe in this area," said Capt. Sherman Shadle, Pennsylvania State Police.

Next Wednesday, Williamsport will host a parade for the Little League players and their families. With many Little League guests staying in hotels and eating in restaurants in Williamsport, law enforcement is increasing patrols.

"(State police) have offered the services of their strike force in this area to assist with additional patrols and crime suppression efforts. City police have put additional officers out to suppress crime as well," said Williamsport Police Chief Damon Hagan.

A representative for Little League said:

"Little League International takes security preparations for the Little League Baseball World Series seriously and works in close association with local, state, and federal law enforcement to help make the event as safe an environment as possible."

Newswatch 16 spoke with some people who attend the Little League World Series, and they tell us the violence will not stop them from going.

"We're not going to let it prevent us from doing things that we do every year," Lauren Reeder said.

"There's violence everywhere in the world, and I think if we allow it to change our lives and how we live, that's a sad commentary," Tammy Weber said.

The Little League World Series starts next Thursday in South Williamsport.

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  • Bob Stevens

    Rumor is there will be a Green Zone style safety zone around market square with huge concrete barriers and the national guard to protect the bat statue….
    All joking aside, I pray that the left and deep state stay very far away from Little League. With so many kids and families from all over the world, its a prime target for a false flag… Be safe, be vigilant, and god bless everyone. Good luck kids, play ball!

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