Lemonade Stand Leads to Legislation

PLYMOUTH, Pa. -- A few weeks ago, we told you about a boy's mission to help a Luzerne County fire company buy a lifesaving tool. He has a lot of supporters, but there are some who are critical of his lemonade stand, and that got one lawmaker's attention.

State Representative Gerald Mullery tells us he's been getting complaints about Brian's fundraising lemonade stand because he doesn't have the proper permitting.

Rep. Mullery wants to pass a law so children like Brian can sell lemonade without needing a permit.

His fire company is Junior Fire Chief Brian Lyon's main inspiration for running a lemonade stand in his neighborhood, not profits.

"He donates every dime back into the community one way or another. The fire company, he did the wall that heals, wherever he feels he wants to donate it back," said Brian's mom Linda Uren.

Brian's lemonade stand has grown in popularity after he started a fundraising campaign to get the Elm Hill Hose Company the Jaws of Life, a $9,000 tool.

But Rep. Mullery says not everyone is impressed with Brian's dedication to his community. Critics say if he's selling lemonade, he should have a permit from the borough.

"There's no point of doing it. You wouldn't make enough money to cover it, especially for a little kid in front of their house," said Uren.

Now it's serving as inspiration for a bill Mullery is introducing to eliminate the need for children with lemonade stands to have a permit on private property.

Mullery tells Newswatch 16:

"We're trying to eliminate these regulations so young people like Brian can continue to help those in their communities."

Brian's mother says he started the lemonade stand with the goal of helping others. They had no idea it would lead to legislation.

"We never, none of us, expected any of this. It's kind of scary and it gets exciting at the same time. He just wanted to help in the community and get a little acceptance and it just went to one thing to the next. One post on Facebook, you know, and social media blew it up and now there's everybody involved."

If you'd like to visit Brian's lemonade stand, you can find him this weekend at the Plymouth Keilbasa Festival on Friday and Saturday.


  • John Mleczynski

    What’s next? I guess they are gonna sic Berkheimer on kids shoveling snow for pocket money? Let kids be kids while they can, this is ridiculous already.

  • Jared Lynch

    I would like to meet the people that complained about him not having a permit- with my open hand – to the back of their head.. How assanine can people be.

  • Randy Shebby

    Print the names of those who think kids should have a permit – I’d like to know what a person would make such an absurd request.

  • Bob Stevens

    “Rep. Mullery wants to pass a law so children like Brian can sell lemonade without needing a permit.”
    Finally a politician doing something good. Its sad we have to make a law for this though…

  • Corinna Burdick Kinney

    Why is this even a discussion? First, he’s donating to charity. Second, even if he wasn’t we used to do this as kids to earn money to buy something. It taught us that we had to work for things and that items weren’t just handed to us. He’s not sitting behind a tv, computer or on a phone. What have we become? Let our representatives in government work on things that are far more needy. Have a good day all!

  • Flirting With Reality

    To the Clowns that actully took time out of their day to complain to officials about a KID Selling Lemonaid,to help Save Lives, GET A LIFE !!!
    Want to Complain, There is Plenty of Problems to Complain about, Tax’s, Distractive Driving, Corruption, Opiod Abuse, Abuse of Children and the Elderly, Mass Shootings, Crime. and The list goes on… Like Said earlier Get A Life !!!!

  • Nikki Lynstrom

    OMG….really taxing or asking a kid to get a permit….really? C’MON…people want to complain about everything.

  • fortisveritas

    You know people are effed up when they complain about a kid selling a family friendly beverage so they can donate the proceeds to something that saves lives.

    And then, a state legislator has to spend his time and efforts to pass a bill to make it OK to do that.

    WTH have we become as a society?

    This is why space aliens don’t visit us any more.

  • nowiseenitall

    The kid isn’t out selling drugs and he’s not robbing Turkey hill, who would complain about this? It seems like everything good in life is slowly being taken away.

  • whopperplopper

    tell the whiners to shove it & leave kids alone.
    we sold lemonade as kids & no one cried about it.

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