Wegmans Adds Cart for Families with Special Needs

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be difficult for parents of children with special needs. That's why one grocery chain is doing something to make it a little easier.

Employees at Wegmans tell us shopping at the grocery store is an experience for customers and their families, especially for children, with a variety of carts to choose from.

"Wegmans has core values. One of them is making a difference, and I believe that all these carts we have, it does make a difference and those are values I have in my own life," said Lauren Zluchowski, a Wegmans employee.

Zluchowski has worked at Wegmans for close to three years, and she's primarily referring to the carts Wegmans has for families with children with special needs. This week another cart of this kind was added to the lineup: The GoTo Shop Firefly cart.

"This new cart is really exciting because it fits that in-between stage where a child may be too small for the regular cart or too big for the cart without a seat," Zluchowski said.

Employees and shoppers at Wegmans tell Newswatch 16 they've seen a need for a cart like this and are thrilled that it's here.

"That would be very, very good. I see a lot of kids in grocery stores and shopping that would benefit greatly from this," said Deb Switzer of West Pittston.

The cart is designed for children ages two to eight or anyone under 77 pounds.

"Definitely it is stressful I'm sure for parents. I'm a substitute teacher and I see a lot of autistic kids and I see them in the grocery stores and around and this is a great idea," Switzer added.

"I cannot wait to see a child in this cart having an experience in this store like every other child. It's just gonna be awesome," said Zluchowski.

Wegmans says at least one of these carts is now available at each of its locations in the U.S.

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