Mother and Sister Charged with Stealing Money Raised for Man’s Recovery

DUNMORE, Pa. -- A mother in Lackawanna County is charged with stealing thousands of dollars from fundraising accounts created to help her son recover from a devastating accident. Her daughter, the victim's sister, is also charged.

Michael Butler is now disabled. He was seriously hurt when he fell off a garbage truck in Dunmore in January of 2018 after the step he was standing on broke off.

Police say his mother, Jacqueline Butler, 65, and his sister, Natalie King, 43, both of Dunmore, stole money from accounts created to help him recover as well as his worker's compensation money.

The Dunmore community rallied around him and hosted several charities for him, including Butler Palooza and a GoFundMe account which raised more than $10,000 for his medical bills.

According to court papers, $5,000 was stolen by King, and $55,000 was taken by his mother. Court records show the two used this money for car repairs, tanning and nail salon visits, and a hotel stay in Philadelphia.

People we spoke to in Dunmore are disgusted.

Michael Schulte is a friend of Michael Butler and helped create some billboards for Butler Palooza.

"It's heartbreaking, actually. Mikey is such a good kid. He really needed that money. I know a lot of people worked very hard on that gathering they had for him. My nephew is one of them. They did a lot of work. There's a lot of other people who did, too, so this is heartbreaking. It's terrible. Who does this?" Schulte said.

Bail for both King and Butler was set at $5,000.


  • donald fox

    So 5 grand a piece for bail. Ummmm they stole more than that. Knowing these 2 scumbags they will take it from his account again. Simply horrible.

    • bettyjosnow

      These two people need to get jobs and pay part of their salary to this young man. If they fail to compensate their son/brother they need to go to jail. Do the crime do the time. The appropriate time these two are to pay his funds back.

  • Sue Phillips

    What do you do when your own family does this?? geez they really care a lot it seem… as long as he has money coming in………

  • mikeoxhuge

    Wow. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. And that’s his own family. Hopefully he recovers well despite his own mom and sister putting his recovery in jeopardy by stealing the funds. Horrible people. Absolutely horrible

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