Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Luzerne County Chapter of "Moms Demand Action" held a meeting Sunday following this weekend's mass shootings.

"Moms Demand Action" was created after the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting as a movement to reduce gun violence.

Attendees at the meeting made phone calls and sent emails to state representatives in the hopes of reforming gun laws.

"We're supposed to be the greatest country on earth. We don't have any more bad people than any place else in the world but we do have more guns which is why we have more things happen like whats happened in the last 24 hours," said Melissa Janoski.

Members of "Moms Demand Action" told Newswatch 16 a vigil is scheduled for Monday night at Saint Luke's Episcopal Church in downtown Scranton for the victims of the weekend's mass shootings.


  • fortisveritas

    The INTERESTED AMERICAN (aka J@DS18603, Pennyltucky, etc. would have you believe that people deemed ‘insane’ can purchase firearms: “such as they used when keeping mentally ill from being able to easily get weapons was put before congress – was an argument the NRA pushed years ago and it is the biggest argument that is brought up when ANY ideas are mentioned that would restrict someone mentally ill from being able to get a gun.” To the uninitiated, this sounds like the NRA did a bad thing.
    But guess what criteria was used to determine someone is mentally ill? How about having trouble balancing your check book? Yeah, that’s right. Someone have power of attorney of your financials? YOU’RE A DANGER TO SOCIETY!
    See folks, this is what the desperate left tries to do, appeal to your sensibilities with a modicum of truth, but cranks up the rhetoric with BS and lies.

    • fortisveritas

      ATF Form 4473, 11.f: Have you ever been adjudicated as a mental defective or have you ever been committed to a mental institution? Check yes – disqualified. Lie and check no – still disqualified, the background check through NICS finds you out and now you go to jail for lying on a federal form.

  • fortisveritas

    Hey INTERESTED AMERICAN – I’ll put it as the graffiti artist so eloquently said in Honesdale: Suck it!

      • fortisveritas

        What’s to solve? People broke the law on many levels. What would you like, some more laws?

        As soon as you figure out how to keep people from killing other people without infringing on humanity’s right to defend themselves let us know.

        Until then you’re just like all the rest: Rhetoric, NRA, Orange Man Bad, Rhetoric, Democrats, Republicans, NRA. Blah, blah, blah.

  • Interested American

    “Psychotic gun violence is the symptom”
    Yes it is. It’s a symptom of mentally ill people being allowed to own guns.

    Why is it that every time a mass shooting happens you get people like @Lance Blinent fighting to allow these kinds of people to have guns? You do realize that there are a lot of gun owners who think some people should not be allowed to own guns?

    And @yabbadabbadude and @fortisveritas are even more ignorant in their posts. Really? Democrats are the reason people die in mass shootings? Are you even using your real brain to come to that conclusion or is the Fox News brain doing it for you? Can you guys even critically think for yourselves at all? Every post you make has to include “liberal”. “left-wing”. or Dems/Democrats. Almost as if it’s because the Democrats caused a bill that would make being mentally ill a reason to not be able to own a gun fail and now nuts can buy guns and go shoot up a mall any time they want.

    Anyone who uses a political party in a post to disparage them clearly has something wrong with them; whether Democrat or Republican. These people spend too much time on the internet and watching their propaganda news source of their choice (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.). These people need to disconnect and spend 100% of their time in the real world.

    People do not act as a Democrat or Republican. They act as themselves. They do not go through their day with “I’m a Republican so I have to act like this…” or “I’m a Democrat and I should act like this…” it is just people being people and how they act is who they are. You can call yourself what you want. But taking the propaganda bait and fighting for your side is not American. We are in this together. When it gets to where a person will turn off another person because they disagree with them is troubling. People need to discuss and negotiate topics and not shout and preach to the other side about how wrong or bad the ideas are. Your comments come from the tinted and tainted views of the propaganda you allow yourself to be exposed to.

    There literally should be some form of gun control in America. This does not include death squads coming to take away your guns with tanks and Apache helicopters. I mean some common sense gun controls. Right now it’s anarchy out there with respect to guns. A mentally ill person with sever psychosis can buy a gun in this country. Attempts to stop these types of people from owning guns was defeated by Republicans in Washington. All because the NRA said it would be a “slippery slope” and people would have their guns taken away. The NRA said this without any evidence. They just made it up because it fit with their plan to sell more guns. The NRA is marketing group for gun manufacturers. If they can scare you into buying guns, they will. It is their purpose. And they have done a super job molding minds into thinking ANY gun control means the government will be coming to take guns off law abiding citizens. NRA is a marketing company. They market guns. How do you get people to want to buy a gun when normally they wouldn’t? Make it seem like the government is about to overstep its bounds by sending out squads of enforcement officers intent on confiscating any and all guns owned by every American. This is some George Orwell stuff and people fell for it hook line and sinker.

    The NRA is great at its mission. It certainly does what its mission statement says it does and it does it very effectively. Even to the determent of the American people.

    • fortisveritas

      I’m not going to use as many words as you did, so I’ll sum your post up in three words: Pure. Bull. Shi.t.

      You are so far off base even Stevie Wonder would call you out before the pitcher even throws the ball.

    • yabbadabbadude

      It’s amazing that the NRA gets the blame for every shooting yet not one of their members is ever the shooter. (Your Massengill Manifesto reeks of you, J / Not_Pennsyltucky).

      • Interested American

        It’s amazing you don’t really know what the NRA’s job is. It’s to help gun manufacturers sell guns, period. The support for hunting is all part of that. That is not BS. I’d tell you to look it up but Fox News has nothing on that so you won’t believe it.

        I’m an avid hunter. I love guns! But God gave me the smarts to know when an organization is talking BS. Any organization that recommends arming teachers in school is clearly not interested in student safety – they want to sell GUNS!. That people do not understand that is why we can’t solve problems today with gun violence.

      • Interested American

        No NRA member was a shooter but the NRA buried in your brains the notion that ANY gun control would lead to the government coming to take ALL your guns – such as they used when keeping mentally ill from being able to easily get weapons was put before congress – was an argument the NRA pushed years ago and it is the biggest argument that is brought up when ANY ideas are mentioned that would restrict someone mentally ill from being able to get a gun.

      • fortisveritas

        Well, you us an apology and a thank you then. First, an apology for taking precious seconds away from our lives. I would have said minutes if I took the time to read your senseless babbling but I’ve seen and heard it all before – and my statement stands: Pure BS.

        Next, the thank you for #1 – electing Trump. Because if Hillary would have won the next hunting trip you went on would be with a bow – if you were lucky. And #2 – for NRA members like myself and hundreds of thousands more that support the original organization dedicated to keep the 2A intact and keep gun grabbers at bay.

        If you’re a gun owner and don’t belong then you’re like the neighbor that steals WiFi or the guy that watches PBS all the time but never makes a contribution.

        You’re welcome, by the way.

  • Lance Blinent

    It looks like I’ll have to contact my state rep and senator and encourage them to support the second amendment to cancel out the gun banning fanatics efforts.

  • yabbadabbadude

    Psychotic gun violence is the symptom, 50 years of moral & spiritual decay are the illness, and liberalism is the cause. Work from there if you want real change.

    • fortisveritas

      Agreed. Let’s look at the real root of the problem. In Texas, it’s immigration. If the Dems would’ve done their job and kept immigration and the illegals in check, there’s a good chance the shoo.ter wouldn’t have had to (in their deranged mind) take matters in their own hands.

  • Bobby Jackson

    Far more die from texting and driving than guns. Why don’t they push to ban cars? How about all the deaths from knives? I demand a ban on all assault knives!! This is absurd.

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