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Talkback 16: Tiny Houses, Gender-less Driver’s Licenses, and the Star of the Show at WNEP’s ‘Day at the Fair’

Talkback 16 callers have nothing but praise for an Eagle Scout who helped build a home in Berwick for a veteran.

Another caller has an idea for our "Day at The Fair" coverage. But the dominant topic is the state implementing gender-less driver's licenses.


  • Billy Connelly

    So you have no Sex on you License you still have a Gender. this is just more taxes wasted for nothing. Roads are horrendous, we got shootings all over the area, close to 200 fires in abandoned houses and the wirst opioid crisis ever. Bradford County where i live has the wonderful designation of “Meth Valley” I think tazes can be better used elsewhere.

  • Matt Berns

    It’s a ggood thing that the Bible isn’t law. There are children born as hermaphrodites too. The bible is many books put between 2 covers. I wish the Council of Nicaea never assembled the Bible.

    • Rich Wickizer

      Muslims are favored due to their religion but thats OK I guess. I can’t wear anything on my head going into a bank or many office buildings. However, they are allowed to wear something that hides thier face.

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