Smash Away Your Stress in Honesdale Rage Room

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Have you ever been so stressed or angry you just feel like breaking something? If so, the Honesdale Rage Room is your new haven.

Here, you can smash and destroy any items you can get your hands or your sledgehammer on.

"Because I think we all need to get it out, and watching people smash things, and the smile that comes to your face, and the joy that they feel, and just kind of that release - you can actually see it, and feel it - just that "ahhh" moment," owner Katie Rossini said.

Katie Weist decided to give it a whirl for the first time. Her weapon of choice? A baseball bat.

"I'm expecting to get some rage out. It's been a rough week so I'm gonna get some anger out on some plates," Weist of Honesdale said.

And that's exactly what she did.

"Oh, it felt amazing!” Weist said.

Then at the end of the session, you can just walk away leaving a path of destruction behind you with zero repercussions.

"Like you can't do this in your house. My mom would kill me if I did that at home!" Weist exclaimed.

If you want to come get some rage out, come prepared with close-toed shoes, and they'll provide the rest of the safety gear.

There are different packages with varying prices, depending on the size of the items you want to smash and the size of your group.

You can also bring your own items, which is the least expensive option. And if you're smashing away bad memories, it's likely the most cathartic.

"It's just fun. It's good old-fashioned fun,” Rossini said.

The Rage Room is located inside the Country Store on Ski Run Road in Honesdale.

Getting your rage out is by appointment only.


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  • peatermoss

    I like to help others relieve their stress by letting them smash me at the truck stops and rest areas.

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