Missing 4-Year-Old North Carolina Girl Found With Human Traffickers in Texas

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Police have found a missing 4-year-old North Carolina girl with human traffickers in Texas, WNCN reports.

Fayetteville Police Department detectives say they learned Carmen A. Lowe, 23, violated a custody order by taking her daughter, 4-year-old Aubriana Recinos, out of the state.

The pair were originally reported missing on July 8.

Carmen Lowe

Fayetteville police believe Lowe traveled to New Jersey and Louisiana after leaving North Carolina.

On Thursday, Lowe was taken into custody in New Orleans but Aubriana was not with her.

Arrest records updated Friday show that she is charged with prostitution, theft under $1,000 and having an out of state warrant.

Lowe is being held in the Orleans Parish Jail.

Aubriana was found safe and unhurt in Lewisville, Texas, where Maj. Robert Ramirez with Fayetteville police said a human trafficking ring with other children was operating.

“The child was pretty much given to a pimp, an associate of a pimp or family of the pimp for keeping,” Ramirez said.

Police said she was found with the assistance of the FBI and the Lewisville Police Department.


  • Interested American

    I have to laugh at how the phrase, “human traffickers” is used in this story. Why laugh? Because it doesn’t say they arrested the ring and have them in jail. They just throw out that phrase to ensure outrage, as if a mother giving away her child wouldn’t be enough to cause outrage (if that is really what she did).

    If it were a real ring of human traffickers they would have arrested the ring and made a huge story of it but they didn’t. It was just mentioned in passing. Oh, yeah, the kid was with human traffickers.

    The details of the story are completely missing. As @Mopar Driver pointed out with his post, there are possibilities that no one addressed in the news story.

    The news story appears worded to get clicks online.

  • Lisa Marshinski

    There were 78,000 victims of human trafficking in 2016, up from 45, 000 in 2015. Mention human trafficking and fingers start pointing but nothing gets done. They’re too busy trying to take everyones guns away.

    • Interested American

      @Lisa Marshinski
      “They’re too busy trying to take everyones guns away.”

      You are kidding, right? You can’t be that stupid in real life, can you?

      I agree with the first part, but as far as the second part, STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! Don’t you realize by now that Fox, CNN, MSNBC all bait their base to cause fear and/or enrage them? No one is coming to take any guns. Does your common sense leave you when you watch the news?

      It must suck to be you, with your constant fear of some government entity coming to your house to confiscate your guns. It will never happen! No one will ever come and take your guns, unless you are convicted of a felony. So just relax, take some Xanax and calm down.

      Just know from today forward that any talk of government coming to collect the millions and millions of guns from American families is total propaganda designed to get people to respond just as you did in this post. It is proof of how well the propaganda works.

  • gutterratt

    “Aubriana was found safe and unhurt in Lewisville, Texas, where Maj. Robert Ramirez with Fayetteville police said a human trafficking ring with other children was operating”
    is this the Texas values that Ted was comparing NY values to?

    • Rusty Knyffe

      Sort of like the epidemic in Central PA that’s in full swing? Yeah……..no political boundaries for THAT, pal.

  • Sean Christian Homes

    I think it’s time for dumb democrats… to realize there is a big problem around this country… Startin with lettin the scum of the southern border.. and all those connectin countries… keep their faces out of here… The legal and reviewed, yes, at a slower pace.. The rest, get the FK out of here…. Democrats… wake the fk up… You’re endangerin alot of people….. An article like this is what is goin on over the border.. You are responsible for who knows what and who knows where comin and goin.. all because of your stupid faces…

    • sharonjesse58

      Stop blaming the Democrats when there is sexual predator in the White House. Open your eyes and see what is going on around you. As for Texas most of that state is the Republican party.

    • Interested American

      #Sean Christian Homes
      The sheer ignorance of this post is astounding. What is it about the human condition that allows us to be so completely hoodwinked into thinking such ignorant things? …And 41 likes no less. It seems racism is alive and well here in NEPA.

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