Jermyn Hosts Food Pantry

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- Boxes of cereal, cans of tuna, and jars of peanut butter were stacked inside the borough building in Jermyn.

People in need of groceries could help themselves to those items and more for free.

One man who did not want to go on camera is grateful.

“It is a big help for people who do not have a lot of income. I am on social security, I got a wife and two kids and it helps, every little big helps,” the man said.

Partnering with the Scranton-Lackawanna Human Development Agency, the Food Assistance Program is a food pantry for people in need.

“They are asked to self -report their income. There is no proof of income required but whoever needs food come down, take all that you need,” Jermyn borough manager Dan Markey said.

This is the second week in a row the borough has run the food pantry. They plan to keep running it as food becomes available.

Organizers say more than 90 people have come for assistance over the past two weeks.

“As long as we have the volunteers available. We had a lot of volunteers come out last week and a lot this week. Sometimes there are children who need community service hours and there are people who are people-oriented that just want to come out and help the community,” Markey said.

The leftover food won't go to waste. Organizers plan to give it out to area soup kitchens.

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