Jeep Jamboree Means Tourism for Shamokin Area

COAL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- If you don't have a Jeep, you're missing out this weekend at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area near Shamokin. Jeep lovers from all over the country are gathered at the park for the Coal Mountain Jeep Jamboree.

"We'll take them out and show them all types of various terrain and how to use the vehicle, how to use the braking," Jacy Marquette said.

The event takes drivers on different trails, depending on their skill levels.

"It's pretty awesome, pretty challenging," Dennis Williams said.

Dennis Williams lives about two hours outside of Toronto and made the trip.

"How to use the features really well, what they're capable of," Williams said.

There are nearly 150 Jeeps on the trails this weekend.

"When you look at the trail guys that take these customers out on the property, you're looking at 350-400 people here on the weekend, in addition to our normal riders," Dave Porzi said.

All of the extra people this event has brought in means extra tourism dollars for the Shamokin/Coal Township areas.

"These people are coming into town, they're spending their money here. They're going to local grocery stores and restaurants and they're here to have a good time because this is a vacation for a lot of these users," Porzi said.

The Coal Mountain Jeep Jamboree is held twice a year at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area near Shamokin.

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