Two Men Arrested for Separate Crimes Believed to Be Responsible for Rash of Burglaries in Schuylkill County

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — Police in Mahanoy City and Mahanoy Township say two men were arrested for separate crimes, but they believe the men are behind a rash of burglaries going back as far as February in both communities.

Police say Korey Wronski was arrested Saturday when a caller at a home in the township reported a person prowling on the property around 10 p.m.

Officers found Wronski running from behind the home. They found a pair of wire cutters on him and say he cut a metal fence in the back yard.

He was charged with criminal trespass.

Mahanoy City police say they found George Hartranft squatting at an unoccupied home on East Market Street on Monday and say that home had been burglarized earlier in the month.

Hartranft was charged with burglary.

“Of course, it’s going to be concerning. A lot of us work for our things. No one likes when their stuff gets taken,” said Nadir Muhammed.

Police posted pictures of stolen items they’ve recovered on Facebook in an effort to return them to their owners.

Investigators say not only do they believe the men are responsible for several other burglaries, they believe there are others involved.

“During the past few incidents we’ve actually collected forensic evidence,” said Mahanoy Township Police Officer Matthew Williams, the officer who arrested Wronski.

Police say because they believe there are more people involved still out there, they are warning residents to be on alert.

“If you don’t have a security system, maybe leave your light on. Leave a light on or two,” said Officer Williams.

“I know this is an ongoing problem in Schuylkill County, especially in Mahanoy City,” said Devon Peel. “And especially I always say that I have two young daughters. I would never want anyone to come into my house and make them feel violated.”

Both men remain locked up in Schuylkill County. They are scheduled to be back in court on August 1.

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