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Yoga A Big Part Of Valley View Football Strength And Conditioning Program

"Inhale roll forward through your spine to a plank. Keep shoulders over the wrists. If you need to walk your feet back make sure your hips are out of the sky if you can," said Talia Walsh.

Talia Walsh from Quest Studio in Jessup is the yoga instructor for the Valley View football team.

"We are going to flow through our venassa exhale swan dive hands to the floor walk yourself forward to a plank," again said Talia.

The yoga here is geared towards reduction of injury, increased flexibility and breathing techniques to help decompress. It's working in Peckville. Valley View has won back to back District II "AAAA" titles for head coach George Howanitz.

"It's good cross training. I think runners focus on running and body builders focus on body building, and with athletes keeping the mobility and flexibility is super strong to get into a bottom of a pile into these weird contortions positions and yoga is great to kind of help keep their flexibility more mobile," added Talia.

"I'm more flexible. I opened up a lot more, and just got a lot more loose and we are able to be more fluent when we run through plays and everything and we can calm down and our breath is good. We know what we are doing," said Janaasah Boone.

"Oh!!! I feel so much more flexible and it really helps the team out. We have less injuries the last three years that I have been doing this. It really helps us out," said Jordan Conserette.

This is the 4th year that Talia has worked with the football team. It's for an hour, once a week, all year long and for Valley View this program started because many of the college football programs in the country are using yoga now in their strength and conditioning programs>

"The past two years has been great. We have a lot of guys staying off the injuries and with other guys too like going to other sports like track, baseball, and basketball it keeps them healthy as well," said Alex Savkov.

"A lot of teams are starting to use it now. I actually just witnessed Delaware football using it. They posted it on twitter that they we're using it to, so a lot of colleges and high-school teams are started to get on the yoga wave," again said Janaasah.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Lackawanna County.

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