Ideal Weather at the Troy Fair

TROY, Pa. -- The smell of fair food is in the air. Everywhere you look, there is something different to eat at the Troy Fairgrounds. The 144th Troy Fair is in full swing.

"I've come to the fair probably almost every year of my life," Valerie Hugg said.

"We used to always come to the fair when we were kids and we played in the fair band when we were in high school for the horse races. It's just a day to come back and see people we knew from childhood," LuAnn Simcoe said.

While fair food always takes center stage, right now people are talking about the weather.

"It's been gorgeous. I mean, the first day it rained but people still came out. It was a good turnout," Bill Lamey said.

"It's warm, not real hot like it was last week. Last week it was really sticky up here," Paul Jackson said.

"The weather is so much better than last year. My mom just turned 90 and she and I attended every day last year throughout the flood until it finally did close for good," Hugg said.

The Troy Fair ended early last year because of flooding, so this year, fair directors took extra precautions.

Because of flooding last year, this year the fair put in this temporary walkway with vendors on either side.

"I love it. And this is our first year here and I feel like we have a really good spot," Lamey said.

Kids involved in the 4-H program are happy with the weather, too.

"I don't have to turn on the fan every single day it's always on because it's hot," Ryleigh Voorhees said.

The Troy Fair runs through Saturday.

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