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Grocery Store Plans Grand Reopening in Montrose

MONTROSE, Pa. -- A grocery store in Susquehanna County is staying open, saving jobs in that community.

Rachel Zayleskie was happy to stock shelves inside Ray's Supermarket in Montrose. Over the past year, she and dozens of others worried they may have to find other jobs.

"A lot of customers were coming up and saying, 'The shelves are looking kind of empty. Are you guys closing?' and I was not sure if I was going to have something when I come home or not," Zayleskie said.

Angelo Scarfalloto helped build the supermarket 30 years ago. Then several months ago, the owner of the store gave him the opportunity to buy it.

"It was going through some turmoil at the ending of last year and people were saying, 'I hope it is not happening,' and thank God we were able to not let it happen," Scarfalloto said.

Thanks to the new owner, more than 20 people were able to keep their jobs at the supermarket.

This is not the first time this location's future has been in jeopardy.

Store worker Erik Bower says the store has changed hands three times since he started 13 years ago.

"It's good to be able to take care of your family and especially nowadays," said Bower.

The store in Montrose plans a grand reopening for next month along with a new name: Scarfalloto's Hometown Supermarket.

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