Water That’s Worth a Trip to Lopez

LOPEZ, Pa. -- Sometimes the best way to cool off is also the simplest - with some cold, refreshing water.

For folks in one town in Sullivan County, there's only one place they'll go to get their fresh water.

"Oh my god, yeah, we're leaving and I said 'oh my god, there it is!' I said 'we found it.' I'm so excited," said Anita Rich of New Albany.

In Lopez on the main street, as you head out of the borough, you'll find a sign for something special.

But once you've tasted the fresh water from this natural spring, you'll likely find that it was worth the trek.

"Well because it's the best water around. You can't find any water better than this," said Frank Romania.

Anita, Jaylein and Shielynn stopped here on their way to New Albany for the weekend. They learned about the spring from a Sullivan County history quest brochure.

"Oh you'll find a lot of people up here, they come from all over - Wilkes-Barre, Towanda," said Romania.

The spring may be off the beaten path.

"Because it's hidden, it's not even on Google Maps," said Jaylein Jourdain from Allentown.

But locals such as Frank Romania don't need Google Maps. They know this spring has been here forever.

On a hot day like Friday, when you come across a natural spring like this, you gotta take the advice of the locals, fill it up, and bring it back home with you.

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