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Sweltering in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- As the temperatures start to heat up, people did their best to stay cool in the Electric City.

It was a good day to be sprayed with water as we found a dog doing just that in Scranton.

Those on the go decided to take it slow. A little heat wasn't going to stop Kristin Riley from exercising around Nay Aug Park.

"Staying hydrated, putting some lemon and cucumbers in my water, and maybe just won't be up here as long, maybe one lap around," Riley said.

At Oppenheim Center for the Arts on Jackson Street in Scranton, Karel Zubris taught seniors about the importance of staying hydrated at all times.

"The first thing that I did when I walked through the doors is I made sure that they had water. A lot of times, they take a little juice in the morning -- make sure they stay hydrated and they feel better," Zubris said.

Seniors at the center agree.

"My body needs water and I lose water when I sweat and that has to be replaced and the best source is not soda or alcohol, it is water," Jim Freethy said.

At the Community Intervention Center, cases of water were stocked up for the less fortunate.

Social worker James Moore expects the number of daily visitors to increase at the center as the weekend warms up

"We are a staple in the community since the '70s. No other area or agencies provide this and we do, so that is why we are here," Moore said.

The Community Intervention Center is open daily and is asking for donations to help their visitors stay cool.

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