Setting Up Shade to Keep Others Cool

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The heat is on and some had to work in the sun to provide shade for others ahead of the summer market in downtown Scranton.

The sun beat down on Kendrick Zimmerman as he and others set up tents on Courthouse Square for Saturday's Lackawanna Summer Market.

The company out of Lancaster put together several large white tents in Scranton.

"I was drinking water, then this morning, I felt like I ran out of sugar or something, so I started drinking Powerade. It definitely helps stay hydrated," said Zimmerman.

The irony of setting up the tents in the sun wasn't lost on the crew.

"If it gets pretty warm, we will stop and take a break. I feel like we have it pretty good," said one worker.

The guys say it is important to pace yourself and stay hydrated when working in conditions like this.

"We do not want anyone out here having heat strokes or anything or going to the hospital. We want to stay away from that," Zimmerman said.

The Lackawanna Summer Market kicks off Saturday at 11 a.m. on Courthouse Square.

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