Hot Weekend on the Way at Lake Wallenpaupack

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Jet skis, pontoons, speed boats, or kayaks -- whichever mode of water transportation you fancy, you'll find it on Lake Wallenpaupack.

"With the weather changing for as warm as it is now, it's going to be crazy out there," Pat O'Hara said.

People come from all over to visit the lake. The heat and humidity are welcome signs for some, others find a way to beat the heat.

"Depends on where they're coming from. If they're coming from a hot place, they'll be like, 'Oh, this is nothing.' But if they're coming from New England or something like that, they might be a little discombobulated," said Texas resident Joy Schmalzly.

When the temperatures skyrocket, lots of people want to be on the shore or out on the water, but either way, it's important to stay safe and hydrated.

"If you're outside, just have a bottle of water or something to keep their liquids, upkeep their liquids. It doesn't take much. This dries you out. You don't even feel like you're sweating. It just dries you out so keep your liquids up. That's the biggest thing," said Steve Gelderman, co-owner of Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tours.

Gelderman says sometimes the extreme heat does the exact opposite for people visiting the lake.

"Sometimes when we get these high, high heat indexes and stuff like this, we see a slow down because people want to stay in their air conditioning and not venture out."

The Tafton Fire Company hopes that doesn't happen. Its annual outing is going on through the weekend.

"We're hoping we have a good crowd. I know it's warm but come out and enjoy yourself. We've got bingo inside. It's a little bit out of the heat, so that's a break if you need to get out of the sun a little bit," said Tafton Fire Chief Mike Miller.

The annual Tafton Outing has food, games, and rides and continues through Saturday night.

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