Searching for Seeing-Eye Puppy in Pike County

PIKE COUNTY – Investigators in the Pike County Sheriff’s Office are helping law enforcement officers in New Jersey look for a missing seeing-eye dog.

A $6,000 reward is being offered for the return of Ondrea, a 14-month-old puppy in training.

Officials in the Sussex County N.J. Sherriff’s Office believe the dog may be in the Milford area of Pike County.

Ondrea is one of the animals being featured on pizza boxes in New Jersey to help find missing pets.

Officers encourage anyone with information to contact The Seeing Eye of Morristown at 973-525-1084. Tips may be submitted anonymously via the Crime Stoppers hotline at 973-300-CRIME or online anonymous tip form.


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  • mzel616

    I pray you find Ondrea safe and sound and fast. She’s beautiful and will make a terrific service dog. Shepherds are very intelligent.

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